About the Journal

Jurnal Maps (Manajemen Perbankan Syariah) is a scholarly journal published by the Islamic Banking Study Program, Ma'soem University Bandung. This journal is a forum for publication of scientific works in the form of writings by academics, researchers and practitioners on pure and applied research in the fields of Management, Islamic Banking, Islamic Accounting and Islamic Economics. Maps are published twice a year, namely in March and September. This journal has been accredited by SINTA 4.


In 2021, Jurnal Maps (Manajemen Perbankan Syariah) will be merged and recorded in the Ma'soem University journal. In addition, the DOI prefix of STIBANKS Al Ma'soem, which was originally 10.32483, became 10.32627 and then the DOI's affiliation was changed to become Ma'soem University. The journal at STIBANKS Al Ma'soem has changed its form to a journal at Ma'soem University.